The Society was established in 1929 to bring together people with a common purpose to 

preserve, and try and keep available fishing for local people. Membership of the Society 

in its first season numbered twenty two.


The Society was temporarily disbanded during the Second World War, but was reformed 

in 1947 mainly through the efforts of Mr D King who was one of the founder members. 

The season of 1964/65 saw an important landmark for the club, with the purchase of the 

fishing rights of the Corks Lane end of the Toppesfield stretch of the River Brett.


following people being made Trustees of the water, in the event of the Club folding up, 

Mr. R Leach, Mr. J Hill, Mr. J Stiff and Mr. J Scarff. 

The fishing rights to the Calais Street stretch were purchased in 1981. Trustees of the 

water are Mr R Leach, Mr J Scarff and Mr R Marsh. 

The society was successful in the 1968/69 season in gaining permission to fish Polstead 

Pond, this was followed in 1981/82 with Alverstoke and in 1991/92 with Semer Pit, giving 

members a variety of still waters to add to various stretches of the River Brett. 

The Society undertook to build a reservoir at Bullocky Fen in 1983 and this was opened 

in 1985 on a ninety nine year lease. Trustees of this water are Mr. J Hill, Mr. R Leach and 

Mr. K Mcllwain. 

A lottery was started in 1983 to fund the construction of Bullocky Fen. Following 

completion Mr R Leach, Mr J Hill, Mr D Warner and the late Mr J Scarff continued to run 

the lottery and up to 2010 had raised in excess of £110,000.

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