Match Fixtures  and match results 2021/22

Notice to anglers who wish to fish club matches.


The government has now approved the Angling Trust best practice for safe angling proposals in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic.

In order for the club to fish competitive matches anglers must comply to the rules stated below.


1) Any Angler wishing to fish the arranged match, as per club card fixtures, must book-in at least 3 days prior to the match date, either by text or email

to the match secretary. No angler will be allowed to fish the match without booking in.

2) All pegs will be drawn by the match secretary on the day of the match.

3) Upon arrival at the venue the Angler must park up and stay in their vehicle until the match secretary has drawn his/her peg. Once their peg has been drawn, they can then leave their vehicle, load their equipment and proceed to their peg. Anglers are encouraged to arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the normal draw time shown on the fixtures (ie 8.00).

4) The match fee (correct money only) should be put in a sealed envelope with the competitors name on the front. The envelope is then placed in a container which will be situated at the rear of the match organiser`s vehicle.

5) No monies will be paid out on the day of the match. Any winnings will be distributed when it is safe to do so. Results will be published on the notice board and on-line.

6) Anglers to avoid gatherings before and after the match.

7) At the end of the match competitors will be expected to remain at their pegs until the weighing officials arrive. No following the scales.

8) Two weighing officials will be appointed. One to weigh the fish. The other to record the weight. Weighing officials are encouraged to wear gloves.

9) Each angler to remove their keep net themselves and transfer the fish into the weigh sling, maintaining  social distancing at all times. The Angler must then step away to allow the official to come in and weigh the fish. The Weigh sling will be supported in a cradle to allow tipping of the fish safely. The official calls the weight, steps back and invites the angler to confirm that he/she is happy with the result.The official then returns the fish to the water. Once weighed in, the angler can return to his/her vehicle.

It is important that we adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rule at all times.

These rules may be subject to change depending on new government legislation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Colin Hynard, Senior Match Secretary. 

Another date for your diary.

Gipping Valley Angling Club (GVAC) will be fishing at Bullocky Fen on Sunday 15th May 2022.

Please note that Bullocky will be closed to HADAS members on that day.

A reminder will be broadcasted neared to the day.