Notice Board

After enquires from new members asking where the top pond is at Bullocky as two have caught what they say were carp. To clarify rule 6 at Bullocky is to be deleted/amended at the next AGM. In the mean time all fish that appear carp like must be returned to Bullocky asap. The top pond has been visited by otters and is outside the otter fence and has little water. I thank the new members for reading the rule book.

Weather Forecast for the coming week for your fishing is now on your Members Page, take a look. 


It appears that an angler got stuck at Alverstoke and had to be towed out by Mr Bradshaw. 

In the future if it’s wet and muddy Mr Bradshaw advises us to park at the new barn and walk down to the lake. Please use common sense at Alverstoke as the Bradshaw’s are not at our disposal to tow out vehicles. 

If in doubt do not drive down to the lake.

Thank you.


A reminder to members old and new that there is NO parking on the river side at Alverstoke.

 Cars to be parked on the gate side only, tackle can be dropped of at your swim and then your car is parked in the car parking area without exception. As accordance with your rule book.

Thank you.

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