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Keepnets are not allowed on Pondfield Carp Lake apart from matches 

A Polite Request

It is encouraging to the committee when we have strolled around our fantastic fisheries to see that the majority of our member anglers are now using unhooking mats.  The committee would encourage all members to invest in this inexpensive piece of equipment as it is vital to the protection and the wellbeing of our fish stock.  The ground is very unforgiving if a fish is accidentally dropped on the ground or placed on stones etc., bruising and unseen internal damage can be caused which can result in fish fatality.

It has also come to notice that some members have very short landing net handles. I must remind you that the club rule states.

12. All anglers should have a landing net. The handle to be a minimum of 8ft long.

Contact with Snowys Bait & Tackle will put you on the right road to add both pieces of tackle to your collection.



The Club is pleased to announce that there will be an Open Day this year at Bullocky Fen Lake. Saturday 28th May 2022. to 2.00pm are the proposed times (subject to change) light refreshments will be provided together with fishing kit for those who want to try. Members are asked to attend with some kit to help out just a simple whip or old top kit or a small rod so that youngsters can catch some fish. Also very useful are chairs or fishing boxes.

Believe me it is a lovely day and to see kids (and Mums and Dads) catch for the first time is just brilliant. Lets hope the weather is kind to us.

Lost Ring

A male gold wedding ring has been lost Tuesday 26th April 2022 during the retired members match at the Match Lake Pondfield, believed to be in the peg 14 area but not sure, this ring has great sentimental value to the loser as you can imagine, if found please contact me David Abbott webmaster or any committee member. Thanks.

Membership renewal 

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