Constitution of the Society


The club shall be called the Hadleigh and District Angling Society and shall have its headquarters at The George Hotel, Hadleigh.

2: Objectives

2.1. Hadleigh and District Angling Society was established in 1929 to bring together people with a common purpose to preserve and keep fishing available to local people.

3: Society Officers and General Committee

3.1 The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Membership Secretary, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary for Seniors and Juveniles and a committee of six. All committee meetings must have a quorum of six. Members standing for committee must be proposed and seconded by two full members. If more nominations than required are received than a vote will take place.

3.2. Two general committee members and officers are to stand down each year. This effectively means that a member is elected for three years unless he resigns during his period of office. Nominations for new committee members or officers should reach the General Secretary at least two weeks before the AGM. They should be signed by a proposer, seconder and the nominee, stating that he is willing to serve on the committee. This also applies to existing members seeking re-election. The nominations will then be displayed on the notice board.

Committee members will retire as follows: - Chairman, Junior Match Secretary, Membership Secretary, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Match Secretary and General Secretary. Should an officer retire during his term of office, the vacancy will be filled from within the committee until the next AGM when a new officer will be elected for the remainder of the term. Where no proposals are received other than for existing members and officers seeking re-election, they shall be deemed to be re-elected. If there are insufficient nominations, the committee reserves the right to hold an election at the AGM, or, failing that, to co-opt someone as necessary. Nominees, proposers and seconders should make every effort to be at the AGM. If this is not possible, a letter of apology should be sent to the General Secretary, except in cases of sudden emergency.

3.3. The Society endeavors to hold monthly committee meetings at 7.30 pm on Wednesday at club headquarters subject to any other meeting called for by the General Secretary.

3.4. All Committee Members are club keepers of all club waters and have legal rights under the Theft Act.

3.5 Committee Members may not serve on the committee of another angling club.

4: Membership

4.1. Membership to the Society will be selected from the following areas: Hadleigh, Layham, Raydon, Withermarsh Green, Stoke, Nayland, Higham, Stratford, Holton, Wenham, Shelley, Thorrington Street, Hintiesham, Chattisham, Capel, Aldham, Elmsett, Offton, Kersey, Whatfield, Nedging, Naughton, Bricett, Wattisham, Semer, Milden, Lindsey, Chelsworth, Monks Eleigh, Brent Eleigh, Bildeston, Hitcham, Brettenham, Thorpe, Kettlebaston, Preston, Lavenham, Polstead, Groton, Edwardstone, Boxford, Leavenheath. Members of the Suffolk Disabled Anglers Forum who qualify for a concessionary rod licence on the grounds of disability

4.2. Renewal of Membership is now done via the Membership Secretary. New applications for membership will not be considered until the first Wednesday in July. Membership limit is set at 350, to be reviewed by the committee as necessary. Two recognisable photos are needed for joining/renewing.

4.3. Any person wishing to become a member must complete an application form obtainable from the Membership Secretary. These applications will be considered at the monthly committee meetings. Please send a stamped addressed envelope for reply.

4.4. The Annual Subscription and Joining Fee to be fixed at the AGM. No person to fish club waters without paid up membership card plus appropriate area license. All payments to be paid by June 30th accompanied by a current Rod License. Club members failing to pay before June 30th will have to re-apply for membership.

4.5. Every member will be furnished with a copy of Society Rules and regulations.

4.6. A full member is defined as any paid up member 18 years of age or older and life members.

5. General Meetings

5.1. Presentation and AGM will be held on the fourth Wednesday in April. Presentation to start at 7.30 pm followed by the AGM at 9.00 pm

5.2. Any proposals for new rules to be sent to the General Secretary at least four weeks before AGM. All proposals must have a seconder; All proposals received from individuals and committee will be presented on the club notice board. Any amendments from these proposals can then be sent to the General Secretary two weeks before the AGM.


5.3. Any changes to club rules require a two thirds majority of full members present at the AGM or any meeting called especially for the purpose. Proposers and seconders should make every effort to be at the AGM. If this is not possible, a letter of apology should be sent to the General Secretary, except in cases of sudden emergency.

5.4. A special general meeting may be called by requisition to the General Secretary signed by ten members, but no business shall be transacted at that meeting except that for which it shall be called. Members to receive 14 days notice and agenda of any such meeting.

6: Expulsion of Members

6.1 Any misconduct by Members whilst on Club waters may lead to them being suspended or expelled at the discretion of the Committee present at the next Committee meeting.

6.2 Members shall have the right of appeal in person to the committee in regard of any decision affecting themselves, providing notice of the appeal is submitted in writing to the General Secretary within seven days of notification of the decision.

6.3 Committee members have the right to confiscate the Members club card immediately in the event of a serious offence being committed.

7: Dissolution

7.1 If at any General Meeting of the Society a resolution is passed calling for the dissolution of the Society the General Secretary shall immediately call a Special General Meeting to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

7.2 If at the Special General Meeting the resolution is carried by a two thirds majority of full members present the Committee shall thereupon, or at such a date specified in the resolution proceed to realise the assets of the Society and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Society.

7.3 After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Society the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst members of the Society, but shall be given to some other voluntary organization with objects similar to those of the Society.

7.4 The following Society assets will be discharged by the named trustees in accordance with the deeds to the asSet. Pond Field, Bullockly Fen Lease, the fishing rights at the Cork Lane end of The Toppesfield stretch of the River Brett and the fishing rights to The Calais Street stretch of the River Brett